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How to Convert an Atheist ...

... is all the refutation you need.

Derren Brown produced a show called, "How to Convert an Atheist," in which he turned a woman who was an atheist into someone who believed in a spiritual power.

Then, he showed exactly which psychological techniques he used to do it, and explained the psychology of why a person becomes religious.

At the very least, atheists will find it extremely interesting because it answers the question most atheists cannot really explain: WHY are some people theists? The answer is basic, human psychology.

And no, I did not spend 90 minutes watching the OP video of a guy giving a boring lecture on what the Bible says in order to "prove" the Bible is right, since we all know the Bible claims it is right. Waste of time.

If OP wants to highlight the bullet points in the video, maybe a discussion can happen. I, on the other hand, do not expect theists to watch this video. But atheists will find it interesting as hell. (lol)