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Comment: Why don't Americans protest?

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Why don't Americans protest?

Why don't Americans protest? Because they're fat, lazy, and have been mentally retarded by the government education system, aka, public schools. Just look at the size of us. Americans drink a diet Pepsi, munch down a Taco Bell burrito and think everything's just fine after consuming genetically modified crap that will sit in their intestines for weeks or longer.

People don't even know how to eat right anymore. Americans love whatever is fast, cheap and requires no work....hence the drive through window and a speed bag courtesy of Burger King.

Would you like fries with that GMO product?

Many, if not most Americans are more interested in what's next to eat than their own country's politics. There is no other reason why Chris Christie is so popular...he's fat and dumb, and many Americans identify with that.

They've reduced us to our animal instincts...eating fast food, sleep, going to war, drinking too much, watching 6 hours of television per day, screwing, hardly working, and football on Sundays.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.