Comment: well granger for once I agree with you....somewhat

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well granger for once I agree with you....somewhat

I agree we should not be condemning the whole country, in fact most Israeli's are good people. It's really just the leadership, banksters and the corporatists that are the issue. They have the same problems with propganda and lies as we do here. And there is a raging debate in Israel itself regarding the country's direction. But you already knew that.

MIC is much to blame for sure. But Israel, or I should Israeli leaders and their other power brokers are also to blame. And we ourselves are also to blame as well, for allowing, turning our head or being fooled by propaganda and allowing a system in which our leaders can be bought.

I will up vote you on this one. Which i am sure will get me some down votes. But I hope people read my post to understand my point. If you dangle a carrot out there, some sociopath is going go for it.