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"Legalize, no where in the

"Legalize, no where in the Bible are we directed to pray to Mary, John the Baptist, any of the apostles or anyone else at all except God, so why would we do that?"

No where in the Bible do we learn that the Bible is God's word, any reference to Scripture in the New Testament is to the Old because they new was not written yet and would only be compiled hundreds of years later. The Church telling Christians that 27 books of the hundreds of letters and writings that existed at the time is how we know these 27 are the New Testament. Without the Church to tell us that we would have no idea that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are inspired but the Gospel of Thomas or Paul or the Shepard of Hermais are not.

Jesus didn't write a single word down for us, but He did promise a Church that was founded on Peter and that entity would have victory over death.

The Bible also doesn't explicitly teach the Trinity or Jesus' existence as 100% God/Man; these were also revealed by the Church that Christ promised us.

The Bible does however very explicitly explain that His flesh is real food and his blood read drink for those whole wish to be saved. (John 6:51-58) Strangely many of today's Christians just think Jesus was lying there and think the communion is just bread/wine.

Sadly new churches today are based being founded by singular individual that read the Bible, pick their spin and start teaching heresies that were discussed in exquisite detail in the early church. They don't bother reading that the earliest disciples concluded however b/c it's what the Catholic church says and they were told as small children by other people that didn't understand the founding of the Church that Catholic are the hoars of Babylon. Thus history repeats itself and many Christians fail to receive the array of Graces the God pours out through the Church that He assured us He would establish.