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I will give you my time to show you just a few of many

I was raised Catholic, and therefore I speak with KNOWING what I am talking about.

Just a few examples of many:

Whenever you bow your knee to anyone other than God, you are making that person a god unto yourself.
We ar COMMANDED by God to make NO GRAVEN IMAGE and we are also NOT to bow down to any such image!

You will argue all around this as all unbelievers do to justify your false teachings and that is just fine.

Many if not all Catholic churches world wide have statues both inside their buildings of worship as well as outside of sinners such as Mary, Joseph, Peter, Paul and many others to whom they seek comfort and help by praying to.

They have their so called "saints" that they pray to for certain things such as when traveling you should pray to saint Christopher, or if you lost something, then no problem, just pray to St. Anthony!

One local Catholic church here in my state has a statue of Mary with her hands outspread as blessing the little children who are kneeling down to her with their hands together as in prayer.

Also, they teach that God dwells in that little tabernacle on their so called "alter" with the little candle burning inside.

They pray for the dead or departed!

Once you are dead, the Bible is very clear that your destiny is sealed and can NOT EVER be changed!

You either die in Christ, or you die unsaved no matter what kind of life you have lived, and nobody can light a candle or ten million candles and change your eternity! How foolish is that?

But they do these things and it is all a stench in the nostrils of God!

They STILL refer to Mary as the "Virgin" Mary!
She was ONLY a "virgin" when she bore Jesus.
That was the "sign" and the miracle!

After that the Bible is very clear on this, that she had other sons and daughters!

But Catholics will NEVER accept that truth that is written in the very Word of God and therefore they deny that Word and are damned according to Revelation 22:18,19

They teach that the eukarist is also God in it and if you were to miss your tongue when eating it, and it hit the floor, it would be like dropping God on the floor!

I was taught those things.

Confessing sin to a priest! YIKES!

We are to confess our falts to one another and OUR SINS to God and seek His forgiveness, and NEVER to some mere man who is a SINNER also! And yet they still have their so called "priests" and are reverned as "father" which Jesus forbade!

The priesthood was done away with FOREVER when Christ gave up the Ghost on the cross and said "It is finished" and the vail of the temple was rent in two from top to bottom, proof that the priesthood was now abolished and we go to God through our High Priest the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

I think I answered enough though I could type many many many many many more abominable doctrines of that false church that are dragging a great many down to hell with them and yet they say "I'm all set"
I have responded to you not because I am mad at you, but so that by the grace of Almighty God, someone here who is on the fence may have their eyes opened to the truth that can ONLY be found in God's Word.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~