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Rhino, you know very well AIPAC lobbies

for pro Israeli PAC's ( which are difficult to trace )to put the interests of a foreign country above ours and which are sometimes extremely detrimental to the interests of the US.

This is done in politics by influencing our elections,votes on bills, in foreign policy decisions,foreign aid and in the major media to shape opinion/ propaganda to slant opinion to Israel's interests. The power and influence the Israel Lobby has in the US is very well known and documented, as you well know.

The discussion and objection is about a foreign country having immense influence on decisions that have cost the US and Americans copious amounts of Blood and Treasure as well as our moral and ideological reputation.

Please stop with the race baiting, it is old, and very obviously intended to silence any discussion of real valid objections that many have.

~ God Bless

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.