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LOL! You are delusional!

LOL! You are delusional!
Since the mid-1980's Israel has received nearly 3 billion dollars, per year,
in grants from the United States, ALONE!, and is the largest continuous recipient of U.S. foreign aid, since World War II.
Don't come in here comparing a "thriving" little start-up economy,
such as this, to that of the United States.
That is extremely philistine, if not just plain ignorant.
Israel should show some humility and gratitude to the world for its
very existence.
You should go to Israel. It's a beautiful country. My last girlfriend
is Israeli. If you fly on El Al, you might see her mother's photos in
the tourist brochures. Many Israelis do not have the same fervor for
Zionism as you. They wish to live in peace without having to worry about
the conflicts, caused by their political leadership and "supporters" in the West.