Comment: Science has now come upon its very own God..the multiverse

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Science has now come upon its very own God..the multiverse

They will tell you there is sound basis to believe in the Multiverse. But that sound basis is in the nature of this universe ... the observable one, as opposed to the invisible friend multiverse.

Science has been secretly perplexed at how this universe actually came into being for some time now.
They have been no more willing to admit it than most climatologists are willing to admit the holes in the global warming religion.

They will tell you that the Intelligent design arguments are silly. But in fact, some elements of it have left them very troubled. But the Multiverse brings it all together for them. Just as we say, God created the universe. They in effect say, "The Multiverse created the universe."

Before you so totally rational skeptics vote this down, ask yourself if the Multiverse is observable. Of course, it is no more observable than "God". But it is far different. Because the multiverse is just an infinite number of cold, dumb universes, with no motive or feeling. But there none the less. And how do we know this? Because if they are not there, then this universe starts to make no sense. So they must be there.

That is basically the religion of physics. And those physicists who are dubious of the "Multiverse"have pointed this out and have been mercilessly ridiculed aka the climate experts.

They call it "Physic's Hail Mary". A desperate attempt at explaining what seems inexplicable through pure "science", uncorrupted by pesky loose ends. They have pulled out the game in the final seconds with one desperate heave to the end zone.

For years they were quite comfortable with the steady state universe. Some of you older dudes might remember when it was taught is schools. You were of course as dumb as a creationist is today if you challenged the steady state theory. Then a Jesuit priest came up with the big bang, which of course, today is largely accepted.

The truth is, Science never liked the Big Bang. It always made them uncomfortable. You can look any one of them in the eye, and he will unblinkingly tell you that you are so misguided if you see something peculiar in a eternal singularity expanding into a universe, in an instant in time. They will roll their eyes when you suggest that such a thing sounds like creation.

But all the while, they never liked the big bang. Unless... there were infinite big bangs, in far way places, or dimensions (???) , somewhat akin to what we might call fairyland or Oz.

And all it takes is a little faith.

See, ultimately it is not about rationality at all. It is about protecting one's own self identity.