Comment: You forget that Israel gets a lot of help from other people

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You forget that Israel gets a lot of help from other people

And what do we get? Other then dead bodies and bought off politicians? How silly is that, we send them billions and then their sociopaths buy our politicians for far less. What a great deal for them. And part of the reason we are not thriving is because we keep sending more money to other countries like Israel and doing all their dirty work. You don't feel there is a disparity there? Israel has a population smaller then many cities in this country, and yet we send enough money there to give each citizen 10k a year. If you are really for Rand Paul, then you should be against wealth redistribution of ANY kind. Honestly I would feel it less of an insult if the money actually went to the people and not the MIC war machine that exists there as well. I still prefer neither.

I wont dispute that Israel has some smart people. I've always claimed that they are smart as whole. But the negative hype for their gov is hardly propaganda. There are plenty of cheerleaders for Israel in the media. Half if not most the media is owned by someone who is partial to Israel's agenda. I will agree that this negative image does over shadow some of the good things but turning and looking the other way is part of the problem.

Israel not at war? Seriously granger, I really don't know how you get that idea. Just because they haven't declared war on anyone officially doesn't mean they are not engaged in war. In fact they are always at the center of or involved with every conflict in the middle east it seems. Last I checked they were at war with the Palestinian groups. Or are they just dropping bombs in gaza for fun? Sorry but bombing is an act of war. Regardless if it was provoked or not, that is still warring.

And so what, you get some ideas from them so all of the sudden it's ok to ignore the irrefutable negative actions their gov takes. That is just sad. That's like giving Obama a pass on all crap he's done, cause he may have done 1 thing right....not that he has but you get the point.

It's almost as if you are seeking conflict.....

take away US AID and military support and you won't find Israel nearly as "thriving"... they may have money in their pockets but their leadership is morally broke.