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Comment: The Saudis are far from alone

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The Saudis are far from alone

China and India have huge interests in Israel..

I figured out why.. that's where the genuis of the world is when it comes to advancing mankind.. Israel is it.. and so I have no fear for Israel.. all this bruhaha conspiracy over Israel is BS. Israel minds their own BUSINESS because that's what Israel loves best, business; and they're good.. so good, most of the producing world looks to Israel, not the US.. to Israel for solutions. That includes the Saudis, because they have money and they only place on Earth creating and producing mind blowing, light years ahead of the rest of the world, intel and products is Israel..

Once you see that, the entire picture changes.. This past episode of saber rattling was for Obama.. and the truth is. the people should be on the side of the Free Syrians, not the Jihadists MSM uses as examples of the Free Syrians.. MSM doesn't want us to know that Arab Spring is by people who LOVE Israel, because MSM doesn't want us to know, because then they couldn't control us if we were like Israel.. Israel is the most free place on earth, and that's why there are 1.2 million people asking for Amnesty, 30K tourists a day.. still.. this war hasn't put a dent in their tourism.. so if Israel has all that going on, what is going on with us that most of us don't have a clue?