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Excuse me?

They have proved it just like they have "proved" gravity.

I am not a physicist. But I have concluded that they need this theory.

Imagine you are a primitive man. You come upon a fully assembled 747 bomber in a pasture. You know there is no intelligence behind it, because you consider the idea of God as silly. But it troubles you. It seems assembled. It seems planned. And how did all those components come together naturally?

There are 6,000,000 parts in a 747. The odds of the wind blowing together these parts is tough to accept, even for a naturalist.

But if you really think about it, all you need is a multiverse. Give me enough universes... an infinite number, and in one of those, given enough time,,old mother nature will fully assemble one of those sucker... with a beautiful Delta Logo painted on the tail I'll bet.

And the math proves it. It fact. the math requires it.

These universes are needed to explain what I see here. Therefore, they must be there.