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two parts

Many of the things you use that cost very little by comparison of you were going to make it.. medical, tech, agriculture, alturnative energy.. comes from Israel intel.. goes to different nations as bids, then patents, then production..

The aid Israel gets is actually insurance.. Israel doesn't need anyone double dealing.. they decide who can get what.. and they don't need someone giving someone else what they didn't want then to have, like nukes... Israel has 300 nukes because they have the genuis in Israel to make as many as they want.. other countries do not have the genius, and when they make threats to Israel.. then those who are investing in Israel pay an insurance as in aid so Israel is mit betrayed..

What do you mean, if Israel is so great, why do so many live there against it's actions? Do you mean the orthodox Jews who want the messiah to come and don't need or want a state? No disrespect, but these are not the genius that are Israel's repunzels (people who invent and produce very high tech products.)

There government is like ours, but more like ours is supposed to be than what ours actually is.. they protest the rights of the people and the people IDF (which most are trained) comes to gether to protect the state.. but every man us his own policeman in his community.. in cities, crossing the boarder, it's much like ours.