Comment: I haven't seen those other interviews

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I haven't seen those other interviews

With the entrenchment and all of the momentum behind the current system, illumination of the kind Hudes offers in this interview is in the least necessary to get people to even recognize the potential benefit of competing currencies. I just don't understand why the interviewer would try to discourage Hudes from her efforts when the kind of information she's bringing is the kind of stuff people might need to hear before they decide to jump on with Bitcoin. I don't know what the tipping point would be, but certainly it can't hurt to have more users if the "starve the beast" strategy is to work. Why would anyone want to use Bitcoin? Isn't Hudes helping answer that question with her expose? Should she just give up?

By the way, if the current regime is not dismantled as Hudes wants, won't they still be able to go after Bitcoin in some way?

And if people will choose Bitcoin regardless of what Hudes says, then what's the point of the interview? Is it some kind of bizarre twist on the expression "preaching to the choir". Theater?