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My thoughts are these

If you want to prevent this fiasco, then we are actually going to have to have a revolution. The purpose of this revolution is to prevent WWIII from being started by the United States. That's not who we are. That's who the German's were.

The Constitution starts with We the People.....which means, that if the people say "NO MORE WARS!" in one voice, then there are no more wars, or you are removed from office.

I think 9/11/13 is very good day for this.
I'm gonna write it this way

George W. Bush said, "They hate us because we are free" and then, 12 years later, that is exactly what they had lost. America was no longer the land of the free.

And then, the voice in the wilderness said, "WE THE PEOPLE!"

And everyone stood up to watch!

John McCain........SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

Your time is over. This is a peaceful regime change.

You no longer have power.

Rand Paul, please do this :

Call for a vote of no confidence in Obama. That's the day.

Make it happen!

Lying is not leadership. Telling the truth is leadership.

Ron Paul = Founder
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. = Founder
Thomas Jefferson = Founder

George W. Bush = Tyrant
Barack H. Obama = Tyrant by proxy.

Hows that for a balls to the wall reply?