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It sounds crazy, but

I don't doubt the massive UN troops part of her story. I think back to statements by Rockefeller and Kissinger. Rockeller's undying love for the Chinese slave model, and Kissingers assertion that UN troops would be a welcome solution in the US should the right crisis present itself. Could the grand chessboard be that we are being set up for a takeover? Let's look at some facts:

1. China is a historic enemy.
2. China's one child policy has created a lopsided society of a huge male population.
3. We are extremely dependent on Chinese imports.
4. Our production capability has been significantly reduced and handicapped.
5. China is a major US debt buyer.
6. Chinese now own the Panama Canal.
7. Chinese are now building key US infrastructure (e.g., San Francisco Bay Bridge)
8. Our military is spread about as thin as can be, served multiple tours, etc.
9. Prescott bush was on record attempting a banker takeover of the US. George Bush, Sr. Signed us on to the UN Agenda 21 plan in the early 90's ( a new world order)
10. Goldman Sachs (rothschild) owns key US supply ports.
11. The US is being demonized worldwide as the capitalist scourge.
12. The UN is a device to create world neofuedalistic government.
13. We are being railroaded into conflict with Russia and China via a Syrian false flag campaign (99 plus percent of us want nothing to do with it!)
14. The gun grabbers have gone wild this past couple years.
15. Homeland security's massive buildup of ammo, guns, MRAPs, etc.
16. We are treated like terrorists and constantly monitored in our own country, and have lost most of our constitutional protections via treasonous fiat in the name of false security.

I'm not saying we will be taken over from the inside, but the facts are that we are way more vulnerable than we should be and all the key people in power are historically tyranical and psychopathic. We are open to the perfect shit storm of seige.

Anybody else getting a funny feeling that things are adding up, or are all of these things easily explained by greed, continuity of government, etc. I hope it is the latter.