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Simple response

As you put it god is only a concept, and as long as were making him up out of thin air then why not just say he has no begining and no end along with it. Complete nonsense. When we don't have to prove anything or even have any kind of evidence we can make up child like logic to explain anything and proclaim it as truth.

I dont need feer of some all powerfull magic man to keep me from raping and steeling from my neighbor, it is simply not in anyones best interest to behave that way. If someone needs a higher power to keep them from behaving in a self destructive manor then they are simply weak mentally.

Further more if there was a god he would have absolutely no concern for how we live our lives or what we are even doing. Due to the vastness of the univers gods attention to you would be like you being concerned about a one grain of sand twenty feet out to sea on a beach in china.