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Not to get...

...too sidetracked, but I am what you might call an 'evangelical universalist', in that I believe that God will never cease attempting to reconcile all of His creatures whom He loves, to Himself, through Christ as the Way, Truth and Life.

In response to your question, 'Why would God allow such a thing [the death of His Son] if we are all going to heaven anyway?', I just wanted to clarify that even those like me who believe that the Gospel will eventually be completely victorious in destroying sinful old natures and making 'all things new', don't believe that this can be done apart from Christ, in whom we die to our sins and are raised again as new creatures. I personally believe that Marx, Nietzsche, Hitler and Crawley will one day be restored, but that it will only come about through the working of God's Love in the form of hell (our God is a consuming fire), which will break down every barrier between these people and Truth and make them face every facet and detail of their evils, until they cry out with an absolute hatred of what they have become and truly seek redemption and restoration through Christ.

This is no different than the process of a monster like Saul, who was committing religious genocide, being confronted by Love Himself on the road to Damascus, and emerging from that experience as a new creature in Christ--the Apostle Paul. This is no different than the brutal tribesmen in Ecuador murdering the missionary, and then the son of the missionary returning later on to embrace some of these murderers who had since become his brothers in Christ.

So my point is that even some of us who believe that eventually even the hardest heart will yield under the power of unrelenting Love (which will not just pretend sin doesn't exist or sweep it under some cosmic rug for eternity, but will demand it be dealt with and destroyed, for true justice to occur) do not believe that this makes Christ's life, death and resurrection unnecessary. That would be like saying because a cure is eventually 100% effective, the cure is therefore unnecessary. By no means is the Gospel unnecessary, regardless of whether it will be 10% victorious, 50% victorious, or eventually 100% victorious.