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This whole multiverse thing just sounds like more division

As humanity is on the cusp of realizing everything is unified or "we are all one" as the saying goes, the counter to realizing this "Coming Together" is to divide it all up even further into all these different multiverses.

But you could also look at from the p.o.v. of no space and time. All possibilities are present in the NOW, and indeed they are, but we are creatures of following the momentum that all these "NOW"s string together. I suppose I could leave my condo right now, leave my wife and my career and get on a plane to the amazon and live the rest of my life out in the jungle as a shaman. All the means to make that happen are available to me right now, but I have many things in my life that have a momentum of continuity that would make that sudden of a transition very hard and painful not only for myself but for those in my life as well.

Huge problem is that we have been living under a system of influence for too long. We have a momentum imposed on us. Fear, anger, death, suffering, wars, hate, racism, bullying, sexism, etc., etc., But the internet allows us all to select what we are exposed to. I could spend days watching documentaries and learning about everything that's wrong about the world, likewise, I could fill my day with kitten videos. The Free Will is mine. Yours. Ours. Not all will be willing to be a part of an "evolving" world. Some will find comfort in what they know and not in learning something new. Yin Yang.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin