Comment: You have to understand there

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You have to understand there

You have to understand there is a reason to this guys madness. If he was just spouting facts all day like a tape recording drone and had no comical relief/gibberish/emotional rants/human emotions/faults then people would get bored and stop watching. To top it all off, it's who the guy is. I respect that he has the balls to do or say what he feels no matter if I agree with what he says or not(I don't agree with a lot of people). It takes a special kind of person to stand on an unpopular side and still be yourself.

I mean, I like to see facts when we're talking about serious subjects, but dude.... come on this was hilarious lol. Why can't we make jokes about different types of people? We're all different at the end of the day and we shouldn't feel that we have to guard ourselves so tightly due to our ego's. Hell I laugh at my own sexual endeavors at times and it's all good, imo...

It's what makes us all unique. Better yet, it's what makes us all human.