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Are you sure that number is accurate.

If there is 180 million women in the US and about a 1/3 are in child bearing age (60million) and there are supposedly ~3000 babies aborted every day (~1million per year).That would put it at approximately 1.6% of women in their childbearing years has an abortion every year of their 25 year window. If each also has approximately 2 babies just to sustain the population and it takes ~5 years away from having other babies, then the average women has ~0.32 abortions in their life time. Do we really think 32% of women have abortions? I don't know of any specific individual who has had an abortion. Obviously, this isn't something a person would advertise openly, but if 32% of women are having abortions, shouldn't I be aware of at least one abortion or suspect someone to have had an abortion. I don't have the largest group of female friends, but I suspect the statistic you used is either exaggerated or it includes miscarriages that involved medical aid or something that also contributes to the number. Do these numbers perhaps include the number of Plan B pills sold? I'm not saying abortions don't occur or even that there are few of them, but these numbers seem crazy high.