Comment: What's more stupid than a White anti-White?

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What's more stupid than a White anti-White?

This is more negative conditioning and demoralizing garbage from the media.
Don't get me wrong, the guy makes some valid points. Hear, hear!

But, he ignores the technological and social ADVANCES of White, European, Western civilization and what that Western civilization has PROVIDED for so many other groups, ALL OVER THE WORLD, through those advances, which were DREAMT OF and BROUGHT INTO REALITY by the same selfish, slaughtering, shameless, and corrupt people, about whom he now writes, from his comfortable office desk in a White ghetto.

What civilization or culture has not had conflicts with others in the course of history?
What other civilization has made as many advances in the last TWO THOUSAND years, let alone three hundred?

Now, this writer expects the entirety of Western civilization to bear the burden of guilt for the actions of a small number of PINK RABBITS, nested in the top tiers of power,
who extract incredible fortunes from the base of this creative, constructive, and powerful civilization, yet HAVE NO LOYALTY to the civilization that provides their wealth?

I DO NOT ACCEPT this blame. I AM NOT GUILTY of the crimes of leadership, who have betrayed their oaths of office and the trust of the people, WHO GAVE THEM POWER.
I will not be GUILTED into action, due to SELF-HATRED.
I have enough reason to act.