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That is a great question!

The courts changed it once in our history due to people rejecting God. When that change occurred the system made the decision because it was simply a rejection and no offer for what one desired to take an oath under. If enough people demanded that it be NULL there is some point where it would have to be accepted otherwise too many people demanding null would remove all time necessary to deal with this new understanding.

But here is the thing. In law, when you swear in under God you ARE swearing under NULL. Religions usurped the word to mean a vicious cloud riding sky daddy. Don't let religious usurpations of the word let it have an effect on its meaning in Law. That would be your loss due to their hocus pocus. This is the infowar. They want you to reject a word because they want you to not realize the NULL nature of God in law. If they can plant the seed of confusion at the root of law they can manipulate everyone within that confusion.

Would you reject the various meaning of the word "ass". It is a donkey in some cases, a butt in another, or all the other meanings and uses. It is simply a word with more than one meaning like many other words.

If you already have the ability to swear under God (NULL) recognized in law why would you want to add more confusion to the situation with something not recognized that means the exact same thing? Don't let them steal all the words and interpretations. If you do so that means you have acquiesced the protections of law to their interpretations. If you add even one more concept to law then you make it more complicated for other people to know. The goal should be simplicity and streamlined so that deceivers and usurpers cannot have a field day for control of the interpretation. Look at what happened from the rejection of God in Law already. They added criminal liability of perjury as an option and now people lost the concept of God=NULL. Look at how this confusion led to now people being their own accuser through explicitly consenting to criminal liability of perjury. IMHO it is best to not add confusion and not add more concepts than absolutely necessary.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...