Comment: We have our Grand Juries and we are not using them

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We have our Grand Juries and we are not using them

I am not saying we are to blame or not. I am just saying We the People have the power to arrest, seek warrants and subpoenas, and conduct full criminal investigations through our Grand Juries. We have been playing politics and not utilizing our Juries to provide proper and thorough justice to blatant long time criminals. We have the tools available and we are not using them. Look at all the resources flowing into the failing political game but we do not even utilize our most supreme power of the Grand Jury to investigate solve and bring justice to these crimes. We the People are failing to protect the law.

I now believe this whole situation is building up to a single goal of ushering in the world government through UN action against the war criminals. I believe the hubris of the war criminals, camps, war, police state is largely intentional to provide the damning record of guilt on the world stage of justice. I believe all the tyranny and crime will be exposed on the world stage as a picture of a modern NAZI style fascist state in a very big way in order to set the precedent for official transition to global authority and jurisdiction. Americans will be exposed as being predominately lazy, arrogant, and dangerous due to our failure to uphold our most foundational proclaimed virtues and utilize our processes of justice to ensure this never happened in the first place.

If we would have been upholding the rule of law through our juries then none of this would be necessary. As long as we fail to do this we will forever be swept into consequences of their criminal activity.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...