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Ok, I asked this question

Ok, I asked this question mostly because a dear friend recently joined an MLM company and has been proselytizing and converting people in our circle.

I even went to one of their 'business conferences' at his insistence but the whole "Ra Ra Ra we're going to be millionaires and pay 'cash down' for homes and luxury cars" didn't really resonate with me.

I didn't like the fact that the speakers asked you to put your mind aside and listen to your heart and said 'Would your friend ever lie to you?' I thought that was emotional blackmail.

At the end of the conference they came and talked to me and told me that prices were going up next month so it was best if I could 'swipe the card' right away (my friend had already used this trick three months ago).

The amount was $5000-$10000 and the promise was for total financial independence.

Now because the company sells incredibly overpriced things ($1000 watches of no recognisable brand, new age energy pendants etc) no one would ever buy if not for the 'business opportunity'. That means it is a closed pyramid which will inevitably lead to funnelling of wealth from the lowest levels all the way to the top (it is a binary compensation plan). Thus, by definition, in order to enrich a few, many must lose their savings on false dreams.

When I confided to my friend his reply was simply that he completely trusts his upline and the company donates to charity so how could it be so evil.

Non intervention and free market beliefs would suggest I let things go on but I feel uneasy doing so.

What are the DP's experiences with MLM companies and friends or relatives who have 'seen the light'?