Comment: My gut told me right from the first time I saw her

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My gut told me right from the first time I saw her

that there was an element of PTSD in her expressions.

In fact I have lived through it for several years with a woman, she was my landlord at the time. She had been in high level management with the VA Hospital system.

A Very smart, highly credentialed, well connected woman who had suffered such persecution on the job for calling out corruption that she had some sort of breakdown.

Since I became very involved in her life as a friend, I saw first hand the very traits you point out.

She also performed in local theatrical productions -- I saw her -- and she was a real talent.

Yet she would be outside at 4 am screaming that the CIA was attacking her. The police would come and it was chilling to live with.

Yet we could go out for a meal and she was very lucid with no signs of problems.

She would entertain patrons of a piano bar at Baltimore's Inner Harbor, like a pro.

She once introduced me to Former WorldCom Chief Executive Bernard Ebbers and his family when we attended a play that Bernie's daughter starred in. She had gone to medical school with Bernie's wife when they were young.

My point in all of this is that a person can be very significant, accomplished and intelligent yet broken after experiencing the kind of trauma that comes from workplace politics, especially at the highest levels of management.

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