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on the Two Babylons
QUOTE: "It has been recognized by scholars as discredited and has been called a "tribute to historical inaccuracy and know-nothing religious bigotry" with "shoddy scholarship, blatant dishonesty" and a "nonsensical thesis".END QUOTE

Problem: "It has been recognized by scholars as discredited" Which scholars? "Scholars" at Notre-Dame? "Scholars" like those at Boston University who think despite the overtly repetitive use of both the description and word "passover supper" literally scores of times throughout the entire New Testament, it wasn't? Because that's not how we want to manipulate people right now politically? Those kinds of "scholars"? The kind that said "ciggarette smoking" had no "scientific" link to lung disease because they didn't want it too? The kind that as "legal scholars" have no problem with "the Patriot Act" or openly "violating and rejecting the Geneva Conventions"? Those kinds of scholars? What "scholars"? And here you are "provided" their reference.
"Commentators (in particular Ralph Woodrow)"
And exactly what are the "credentials" of this "Commentator"?
"Traveling, doing the work of an evangelist, I did not have the opportunity to study for the ministry in a Bible college or seminary. But this does not mean I have lacked for study then or now. It is heartening that there are colleges that have used books I have written and purchased them for their libraries." - RALPH WOODROW EVANGLISTIC ASSOC, RALPHWOODROW.ORG


Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams