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No worries my friend,

No worries my friend, appreciate you letting me know.

Although i will explain, my resoning for the post being, their words now concerning the non danger of going into syria, contradicting to some degree their words highly advertised in their election "debate"

I understand what your saying, and its cool, i see it too, but i also to my own ears anyway, see, future proof of history documented manipulation at work, from the "supposed" highest office of authority.....and that is a rare thing to find, i suspect, by design......and thats not to imply ive found definitive proof, just contradictions to what they said then, and what they say now, even if its marginal at best........its not like they'll volunteer them, we just have to point out the little things that make the whole, the same little things that people are starting to see in bulk, and the reason the us government has a disheartened opposition

Sorry, i didnt mean to write so much,to the point of seeming like my opinion is the only oppinion, as i fear this may be taken, my thoughts tend to lead to one thing then another and next thing i know, im writing beyond

"No worries my friend, appreciate you letting me know"