Comment: Where is the media?

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Where is the media?

During the 2008 presidential debates, Dr. Paul was ridiculed for saying we should be non interventionists in these countries of the middle east...What did MSM do with that, they tried to make it look like Dr. Paul wanted to take "marching orders" from al-quada and this was to try and humiliate him during the debates.
Now, Mr. McCain actually wants to "aid" the terrorists and there is not a damn word about US taking our marching orders from al-quada.
MSM, You can't have it both ways...We can see clearly through your BIAS and this is evidence of it.
Hey MSM...Who do you think will benefit if we take out Syria's infrastructure? You dummies, every terrorist from Kabul to Cairo will flock to Damascus in hopes of getting their hands on those chemical weapons...So Stupid of a US Senator, and former POW to be pushing WAR with your assistance.