Comment: I honestly don't know what's the matter with you people

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I honestly don't know what's the matter with you people

Why is it so freakin' hard to understand how this stuff works? One year, does not CLIMATE make. One year is anomalous and sporadic. One region, one country, one storm... none of it. It's the overall trend. How can you even consider taking serious any person who suggests that this is indicative of any turn in the trend? Absolutely amazing. I really wonder sometimes just how dumbed down are population is and I'm getting an idea now.

I totally understand the DP-mentality desire to pin this on the obvious conspiracy. Really, it makes complete sense. But while they definitely ARE trying to take advantage of a bad situation, their doing so does not mean the problem isn't real.

On every other conspiracy out there, rational people step up and advocate for logic and reason by presenting the facts. At that point, the majority often cools off a little. But not here. Oh, no. This one get fervent arguments that even the facts are wrong. How is that any different from the closed minded murikans who refuse to look at police state or monetary corruption? Please do tell me how this blindness is any different? You can't because it's not. It's identical so you all should be ashamed.

So, here's all you should need to know about the great 2013 ice 'lack of melting':

Certainly doesn't look to me like we can base an entire shift in thinking on it.