Comment: Sitting in Acapulco

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Sitting in Acapulco

he thinks maybe it's best if innocent people are turned to dust??? This guy makes me sick with that "I'm so smart and I've got mine" attitude. The majority of people in this country have been dumbed down brainwashed and indoctrinated. They are fed misinformation and lies daily via sophisticated techniques and animal training methods. They have been made physically ill by the state controlled food system and medical system. The "education" system fragments knowledge and makes sure they stamp out all curiosity and individuality. They have been led into idolatry and slavery and are regulated out of their right to freely work and trade, for their own "safety", of course. They are reduced to cattle, being stripped of their health, wealth and humanity very gradually. Yes, let's blame the victims, they deserve to be killed.
Some of us don't have gold to hide or can relocate to Acapulco. So I guess we deserve to be turned to dust.