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Thanks , here is a more direct link

for you to use in OP posted by 'conalmc' below

I would also encourage a read of the explanations in that link for compiling the figures. It can be very difficult to identify some of the PAC's, which is done purposely; so some of the figures are higher. Also want to clarify that AIPAC itself is not a PAC and is unable to contribute directly to campaigns, it is just one of many pro-Israel lobbies, albeit the most powerful, that influence the many pro-Israel PAC'S to contribute to the candidates.

** Now, here is a VERY interesting link for those that like to dig a little deeper (originally posted by Bob-45 a few years ago) It is a transcript that was read into the Congressional Record in 1990 by Gus Savage, former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Illinois. It's a bit long to read, but I highly suggest (for those interested) to bookmark it as it has some very interesting revelations regarding the pro Israel lobbies and PAC's.

Israel Lobby, Laying Out The Facts: 1990 Congressional Record of Rep. Gus Savage

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