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Depends on the MLM!

No, we need no regulations. People need to decide for themselves if want to get involved.

Private groups even have ratings for MLMs! MLMs thrive on selling marked up products. The question for me is this: how unique and useful is that product? Is it worth the markup?

There are some instances where the answer is YES! but majority of the instances: the answer is NO!

I personally don't believe Amway had anything unique to offer. I felt the products where marked up and I could get similar products cheaper. I haven't heard about the Amway products having any kind of superior quality so I dismissed them. To my knowledge there's nothing fraudulent about Amway. It does pay you if you can sell. It's legit. And it's been a top rated MLM. I just don't care for their products.

I don't dismiss ALL MLMs nor do I dismiss the concept. There are some good ones and they are very few. You absolutely don't need the govt to get involved. Just DYODD and make the best decision for yourself.