Comment: No, he won't.

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No, he won't.

In the past, he has said he supports a new investigation. He has also said he doesn't believe the government was involved, when he was a guest on that worthless b ! t c h Candy Crowley's show in 2012. Is it possible he told a white lie, sure.

I really doubt Ron would try to to harm Rand's great opportunity at becoming 2016 nominee and possibly POTUS. Also, Ron already has difficult enough time getting his message out thru mainstream media without giving them another "attack" point to distract from his message.

You can't even get 9/11 victims who didn't die, or the families of those who did die, to have an appearance on the mainstream media to say "The government was involved in the conspiracy! High treason!"

If Ron was to say anything about the Bush admin or small select groups in top level US intel and Pentagon Department of Defense who were involved in 9/11, he wouldn't get to make his case in any proper manner on mainstream media: it would be straw man attacks galore, and relentless disses belittling "cuckoo old Ronnie."