Comment: Come out of her My people!

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Come out of her My people!

The multitude of teachings in the Catholic church ARE man made and NOT of God!

Catholicism is a very easy ( they think ) way unto salvation, by simply following your church teachings and confessing your sins to a so called "priest" and getting additional help in case from praying to Mary, Joseph, St. Anthony, it?

They will argue and talk around each point of their false teachings by trying to justify their unbelief of what God commands and then teach others to do likewise by reasoning with carnal minds.

A perfect example of this is how they've removed the 2nd Commandment which FORBIDS the making of any statues! (How convenient)

Then to fill this void of being minus one Commandment, they split the 10th Commandment and make it the 9th and 10th!

What abomination! This is of none other than the devil!

Who would dare do such a thing?

Does this not tell you anything those of you who are unsure?

Do not be deceived for satan is transformed as an angel of light and his ministers as ministers of righteousness.

"In vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines and the commandments of men"

"Come out of her" saith the Lord! "Come out of her"!

Do not gamble with your soul!

Time is nearing its end, soon Jesus will come and will you be found still in all your sins by following these dispicable commandments of men and abominations of satan?

I pray to Almighty God that someone here will be brought to Truth, repent of their sins and seek His face and forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ.
Time is short, eternity is not!

Peace everyone

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~