Comment: one of the reasons I have respected Dr. Paul is . . .

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one of the reasons I have respected Dr. Paul is . . .

he doesn't jump on bandwagons--

he's cautious--

he has focused on the constitution--

but I've heard him go extensively into 'blowback', which can be interpreted in many different ways--

I understand what he is doing; maybe it is because I admire diplomacy--

if he had, ever, gone into a full-blown or even partial agreement with those of *us* (Yes, I am a 9/11 'truther') who have openly questioned, he would have lost all credibility--

and would not have been able to do what he did.

For those on DP who laugh at those of *us* who believe there are conspiracy, Dr. Paul has, on a number of occasions, mentioned "shadow governments"--

he has also condemned the CIA and other alphabet agencies--

he doesn't have to do more than that for me to understand that he is really very open-minded about all of it; he just doesn't see the need to have any kind of mob mentality--

9/11 truth is the sort of thing that has to be pursued privately, because the government has so obviously blocked it--
it's not going to get anywhere, but those of *us* who aren't in public positions can continue to try to educate others--

It's enough that Dr. Paul has called for new investigations, but it's obvious that he knows how deep this thing is; he doesn't believe there will ever be one (a new investigation)--

not until this evil regime crashes at any rate--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--