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Comment: nor does a century or even a thousand years make a trend

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nor does a century or even a thousand years make a trend

The fact is the earth has been far hotter than today and far cooler, it changes and it's not caused by man. The sun, with just a small 1 mile expansion of its gas outer corona area cause more global heating of the earth than all the volcanic eruptions in history.

While the earth was heating up the past few years, so was Mercury, Venus and Mars. Does man cause more heat to be created, absolutely and nearly all of it is expelled into space.

Most environmental damage and heat increase on earth is caused from deforestation. Forests act as inter coolers and help transfer heat, big cities and urban areas act as heat islands and increase temps by as much as 10-15 degrees higher. The liberals who all think we should live in vast concrete areas covered with buildings, all riding our bikes or mass transit are causing huge problems to the environment. Total loss of habitat for animals because of the governments ever increasing push to throw out people from the countryside and confiscate their land to have huge cities of controllable people is a big culprit. On the florida coast, almost all of it is developed, when sea turtles hatch they naturally move towards the brightest portion of the sky, it use to be the ocean with reflected star and moonlight, but now they are moving inland towards city lights and dying by the thousands because they are confused.

GMO's, pesticide manipulated crops, etc., are killing off bees, butterflies, moths for birds by the hundreds of millions,
honestly carbon based emissions are the least of our worries and is just a scam to make money.