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It's OK

I have come to the conclusion, that you are correct.. most people are not going to see it.. they are going to see shit.. a million ways it's going to be nothing but shit for them..

I've even thought to myself, maybe this is what it is to be a chosen one? How is it that I have come to see Israel.. and I've lost friends over this.. but I can't deny what I've seen and the gifts.. like I said, at $92K working at AIPAC is just the regular schmoe jobs.. and there's no reason to be stuck at AIPAC.. Israel has an absolutely fantastic business environment.. they are thriving.. and so can I.. so while everyone else mucks around in their hate for Israel.. it's like I guess you should.. if envy and jealously are what make for hate, fear and loathing.. Israel has it MADE.. and anyone who sees Israel past the shit has it made.. so I'm happy, so happy, so pleased, so gifted by my discovery.. that it's fine by me if others don't see it the way I do.. I'm grateful (I guess it's "lonely" at the top and now I see why).