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I think there is a grave error in thinking that The Military is ONE THING.

There is a book written by Robert Coram titled BOYD that may be worth reading by anyone who entertains this type of question concerning the POWER struggle over POWER in America and the World.

If a person thinks that The Military can be controlled by one idea, or one person, such as a very strong personality, such as a brilliant "strong man," a cult of personality, or whatever the person asking the question is thinking is leading The Military, and this leadership POWER does decide to over-POWER the political POWER which is said to be Obama, who is one person, a cult of personality, then that person, thinking those thoughts, has a possible problem.

Does that person fail to understand that the POWER behind almost all human crimes against humans is the Legal Monopoly Money POWER?

If there are employees following orders without question because they are paid very well, and the order comes down to take out the president, then that has already happened.

Take down, for example, president Kennedy.


Who ordered the hit?

Who followed those orders without question?

Who orders you, or you, or you, or me, to use Federal Reserve Notes as the credit I demand for the things I produce that are of value to other people?

Almost everyone knows by now that Federal Reserve Notes are units of inculpatory evidence, if followed to the source of them, proving that the crime of fraud is in progress, and those criminals sign the orders to "double the money supply" and then use that POWER to Purchase, that they steal, to Purchase WARS.

Even if everyone is afraid to admit it, by now, almost everyone knows it.

So, who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

Who needs The Military to take out Obama?

Who is still either too afraid, or too stupid, to acknowledge the fact that the criminals running the fraud of Legal Money Monopoly WORLD WIDE are in control and destroying human kind?

If it were not true, someone could easily disprove it as being not true. It is true, and a quick look in your wallet, and then the so called National Debt Clock should be sufficient to wise up even the most stupidest ignoramus, or, a chicken hawk is being discovered.