Comment: Eating His flesh and drinking His blood

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Eating His flesh and drinking His blood

You say:
"The 2nd commandment about false idols is about supplanting God, there is not a status prohibiting making statues".
Right there, you deny the very Word of God in His commandment!

I am very sad that you have been blinded by the great deceiver!

Your statues in your churches and little statues in your cars and the rosary beads hanging from your rear view mirrors will give you no help nor comfort on that last day, that great and dreadful day of the Lord.

They will be a very witness against you on that day!

Your ignorance of the making of the Cheribum and mercy seat in the construction of the Ark of the covenant explains much!

God at that time commanded the making of these things.
Nobody could see this except the high priest alone who was a picture of Christ making atonement for His people.

These signs of Christ whose blood was shed and sprinkled upon the mercy seat for atonement of the people, a picture of Him who was to come being Jesus Christ as the sacrificial Lamb of God.
When the temple vail was rent in two at the time Christ gave up the Ghost, that ended the priesthood and the Ark is no longer to be found because the True Ark is in Christ.

We NOW go to Him alone and NOT to some priest for as our mediator.

We who are TRULY saved are kings, and priests and are accepted of Him!

The priesthood has been done away with forever, that is except for the Catholics who refuse to obey the commandments of God and continue their damnable doctrines of men.

His flesh and blood we eat and drink are NOT literal!
How abominable is that teaching!

The partaking of these things during communion, are spiritual.
Wew do this in remebrance of Him who died for us and shed His blood for us and who is to come again for us who belong to Him and long for that day to come!

The Catholic church tells people that the wafer is literally His body and the wine or grape juice is literally His blood. How very abominable is that teaching!

They crucify the Lord every Sunday during their so called "Mass"

They regard the so called "Pope" as God's speaker to His people and many bow down to him and kiss his ring and SO WOULD YOU if you were to come into his presence! How abominable is that!

Jesus said "For man shall NOT live by bread alone, but by EVERY Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God"

We eat and drink of Him ( Him who is the Living Word of God ) in the reading, believing and living out of His Word until He comes. It is a spiritual eating and drinking and NOT literal!

I know that ONLY God can change ones heart and give them the true understanding of His Word and salvation.

Salvation is of the Lord!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~