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oh also divorce

I just though Divorce is another great example.

Catholic's still stand tall with scripture regarding divorce. Jesus makes it clear divorce was not ideal and Moses allowed it because of the failings of Israel. We are further told that if we divorce there is to be no we know that King Henry the 8th didn't really go for that one. And many churches followed his example in picking and choosing which scriptures to follow. But a wonder just when there was the whole sale caving in to culture on this? Was it like contraceptive s back near WWI? Was it with the sexual revolution in the 60's & 70's?

A Christian marriage unites two souls for the remainder of the time on earth and what God unites no judge or pastor can spit asunder. Yes, in truly terrible circumstances a couple may separate, but as long as they each live, remarriage is a sin & scriptures make that very clear.