Comment: If Romney had won,

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If Romney had won,

If Romney had won, Levin would be all for bombing Syria, IMHO.

NEVER forget the 2008 and 2012 election seasons, ever, ever.

Democrats are the presumed owners of anti-war and civil liberties. They violate their own platform on a daily basis by backing Obama. Some of them are starting to recognize this and fighting for their "principles".

Republicans own the wars in the Middle East and the "law and order" mentality that has destroyed civil liberties. God Bless the USA.

It doesn't matter whether or not any of the above is true. They are part of the left/right paradigm, right?

I want to puke when I hear died-in-the-wool, bought-and-paid-for Republicans fake their righteous indignation over everything Obama does. If Romney were doing the exact same things, the Republicans would be bending over backwards to support him, and the Dems would be the ones doing the politicizing. As it is, with the Repubs politicizing and the Dems remembering their principles, the voice of reason is very loud.

No Republican that supported Bush while he was president should be given more than a cursory glance. Levin is a bad guy until he says the same things while a Republican is in office, which to my understanding has never been the case.