Comment: Lots of Three-card Monte losers here on this thread...

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Lots of Three-card Monte losers here on this thread...

I've been a member on the DP for many years. When it comes to our eco-system, many of us have fallen right into the PTBs and their MSM messengers' con game.

It is DP 101 to see through the political left/right smokescreen... "rah/rah for my red team" or "your blue team sucks" etc.

When it comes to the natural qualities of our bio-sphere, many of us fall to the same deception.

Do you really think this story is all about whether civilization has radically altered (and continues to alter) our eons-old natural systems or not?

My impression of this forum is that we regularly post highly intelligent discussions about almost all topics... except this one.

It reminds me of school kids when I read responses that sound to me like "nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, humans don't cause (currently unsolvable) global eco-system problems (especially climate-related ones) after all" when a story like the one cited above appears.

Are there any grown-ups here capable of a deeper dialogue?