Comment: Unbelievable.

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I'm not Catholic. I clicked on this post strictly out of curiosity. I read the subject lines of the first couple of posts, then quickly scrolled down to the bottom to see how many comments there were. Six pages! Wow! I didn't go on to any other pages because I'm not all that interested in a debate on religion, intellectual or otherwise.

I did like the post though - the part about prayer, anyway. I see prayer as a simple speaking aloud of heartfelt words. And religion aside, I believe that speaking heartfelt words aloud is a powerful human act. It moves them from the mind into the world and gives them substance and life.

I don't think the OP is wrong. We all have our beliefs, and right now is an excellent time to apply them out loud and ask for what we want, which I'm guessing is peace, truth, justice, and maybe a little guidance. I'm there. Thanks for bringing this up, LL. :-)