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Comment: Where did the Bible come from?

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Where did the Bible come from?

To those so happy to vilify Catholicism, I wonder when exactly did the Catholic Church fall into this pitiful state of Satan worship. I've see some saying it was before Christ even walked the earth.

So, if it were the case the Catholicism was Satanic and not Saintly, was it a Satanic church was defined which books were included and which were not to be included in the New Testament?

People happily toss Bible quotes around to attach the Church, but they took hundreds of writings many generations after all the Apostles had died the determined which were to be included and which were not.

If the Church feel before they compiled the Bible, then there is no use for the Bible because it is a Satanic book. If they fell after compiling the Bible then their teachings up to that point were holy and correct (and those early Catholic teachings strongly mirror the Catholic Church's teachings today).

So which is it:

Option 1: The Bible was made by a Satanic cult and is a Satanic book.

Option 2: The Church was Holy at least to the point of them compiling the scriptures & thus the men that compiled the scripture are also reliable as moral teachers and their choices were not actually Satanic.

Option 3: All Christians are compelled to create their own Canon by going through hundreds of old books/letters and seeking direction from God on which to follow and which to burn (note: the Catholic Church did burn Bibles for a time, but not true Bibles that you or I read; instead ones that contained things like "The Gospel of Thomas" were put to fire, to prevent people being mislead).

Option 4: The Bible was penned in Heaven and floated down in King James English hundreds of years after the Satan cults had taken over the world (which Jesus said would never happen to His church but this option isn't very honest anyway).

Any takers?