Comment: Volunteers?

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There's a lot Rand is holding back, but someday, I'd like to hear him suggest this when asked if our government should fix humanitarian problems.

Those who are concerned about the dying children are free to grab a gun, get on a plane, and head over there and fight for them.

Of course, people don't do that, because they don't care enough to put their own money and life on the line. They only care when they think someone else is paying for it, or someone else is getting their legs blown off.

Amazing how much Obama and Kerry and McCain and Graham care about those children. They are SOOOO compassionate, as long as they're wasting the lives and money of others.

I see no reason John McCain can't be over there driving a convoy and getting his legs blown off, rather than having it happen to a 20 year old that will need lifetime care, including possibly being a vegetable from head trauma.