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Centralized power

Is the real problem, because the worst people will always use it to legitimize their own bad deeds and profiteering while eliminating thier competition.
I think the only chance we will have to create a sustainable world is through freedom of choice and private property.
Many will blast these ideas as ridiculous, but please consider the following:

1. Would you buy a product that caused environmental damage if given an informed choice?
2. Would you pollute, overhunt or overfish your own land if it affected your future profit?
3. Wouldn't you sue your neighbor if he/she polluted their land and it encroached on yours instead of expecting the EPA to take care of it?
4. Would you use oil for energy if something else much cheaper and cleaner available?
5. Would you support giant global multinationals that produce jobs outside of your economy and pay taxes in Switzerland, or buy locally produced goods that support your local ecomomy?
6. Would you keep water in your in your hydrologic cycle or support bottled water that ships the water into hydrologic cycles that run into the salinated sea never to return?

Some of these items we still have the right to vote with our dollars on, but the more the fascistic power structure gains centralized control, the more we will lose the power of free markets and private property rights. Enabling a centralized overseer will never end well.