Comment: Now it's self congratulating

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Now it's self congratulating

Because America has been in a war on drugs for 4 decades and no one ever heard of a narc, or phone tapping, or private investigations, or saw cameras or pictures from security cameras, and as huffpo requests users all use their own name, and drivers licenses and plastic money have rfids, and facebook, youtube, google, your car and it's gps.. none of this tracks anyone.. no one knew.. maybe everyone was too high , eh? What war on drugs? Who knew any of this.. not us..

Much earned award, and hopefully snowden will return the favor and give GG one too for bravest journalist ever!. And David Miranda.. for the hero of the year at airports facing the Heathrow Airpost Heathens alone! (since snowden just sat in an airport in the same clothes for 6 weeks). something besides rumors of war and saber rattling to think about. Anyone still waiting for the big secret from these guys?