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Jesus came and fulfilled the

Jesus came and fulfilled the Old Covenant. Paul makes it quite clear that there is no requirement to maintain the old dietary laws from Genesis or Leviticus. Do you think it sinful to eat shell fish, pork, or meals that mix milk and meat?

Acts 15:29 refers not idols, Jesus is not an idol and thus we prohibitions against them have nothing to do with Christ.

John 6:57 "As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me."
This doesn't say Jesus ate the Father no matter how you might try reading it. It says the Father sent the son, and as the Son lives by the Father so will we live in our eating Him.

There is no reason for Jesus to make some analogy of us pretending to eat Him. The whole idea of eating Christ is admittedly strange and seemingly perverse. But He says it again and again and again. Why would Jesus focus on our eating Him time & again & again if it's just a figure of speech. If it's just an analogy why would He allow disciples to stop following Him when they interpreted His as saying they were to truly eat Him?

God knows what must be done for our redemption. He knows and He carries out that plan, while telling us what our part is if we are to be His followers. He chose to allow the crucifixion which was itself very perverse. He chose to have divinity take on the flesh, which many early heritics said was perverse (they suggest Christ didn't really have flesh but that is was instead divine matter that appeared like flesh)

He did not call for us to be cannibals, and that is why He takes bread and makes it His flesh. It retains the physical substance of bread but has the matter of Jesus. There have been numerous occurrences of Eucharistic miracles where the host either started to blood during the consecration or actually turned to flesh. These miracles are not consumed and I suppose to eat them would make one a cannibal.