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I hate to see people being taken that way. A relative was suckered into something similar, although not nearly so costly, through someone at her church. When she realized what was going on she had a very hard time getting them to leave her alone. They made it so uncomfortable for her that for a while she was about to leave that church entirely just to get away from it.

But as long as the company isn't being fraudulent, and even if they're being misleading, I don't know that it's something that should be regulated. People have to learn not to be gullible, not have the government protect them from every bad idea floating around.

If it's a good friend I would think your first goal should be to preserve the friendship. But I don't see anything wrong about being blunt about what you think is going on. Maybe appeal to your friend on the grounds that even if *they* do well in the scheme, it would have to be at the expense of people below them in the pyramid who end up losing. That's just mathematically undeniable. And who could want to be a part of it after realizing that they'd only gain if they hurt other people?

I've had similar experiences with Amway to what others have described. A roommate was selling it for a while, but was too nice and honest a guy to take advantage of other people. A couple approached me like they wanted to be friends, etc., but when they found out I didn't want to do Amway I never heard from them again. Etc.