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What I saw

before the letter, a few days ago, I watched the war, the shelling of buildings by tanks, the Free Syrians and the merchinaries (Jihadists).. and I saw that the Free Syrians were upset with the Christian Churchs because the Churches decided to stand with the government, the Church and it's longevity was more important than the people who needed help. The Jihadists have another reason for attacking Christians.

And I have to say, if I was protesting Obama with people from all over the nation, and heard Obama had opened fired on protesters, and then he cut off the internet, and I was hearing about massequers, and people were leaving Syria, and I went the the Church and they told me, they were siding with Obama.. I would resent it. I understand how the Church believes governments come and go and refuses to get invlved, just stand for the regime, no matter what.. still seeing children and seniors and the siffering and death.. it would get me..

And then I watched a vid about a doctor in Syria.. let's see if I can find it.. (hard to sind some of this stuff).. oh look what I found completely different